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Business Call Center

Accu-Call's business call center service is an industry leading call center services company providing 24 hour business call center services and medical answering services. 

Call Answering Service

Your company requires a call answering service that keeps pace with your business. Accu-Call's call center connects you with your customers, clients and patients quickly and effectively. 

Call Center Services

Accu-Call's certified call center service specializes in inbound contact services. We provide order taking, RSVP, lead capture, live telemessaging and event registration.

Medical / Doctors Answering Service

Thanks to Accu-Call's superior 24/7 Medical Answering Service, none of your patient's calls will be missed or put on hold. With the newest and most advanced technology available, all calls will be promptly answered in your company's name by our highly trained operators. In front of them are computers with your personal instructions, schedule, and notes for every type of call. Whether its an emergency call or an appointment call, professional and courteous answering will be applied. 

Accu-Call offers state-of-the-art call center with a specialized physician service alternative: MD-On-Call. With stringent managed care guidelines and requirements, MD-On-Call exceeds all National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) telephone service requirements. Since most medical liability insurers do not cover "voicemail only" call handling, MD-On-Call can customize an integrated messaging service to assure seamless coverage for physician practices. Our representatives are comprehensively trained on simulators to manage medically sensitive calls. For your additional protection and security, all calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance, call handling verification, and may be used in problem resolution. Accu-Call meets all HIPAA requirements required by law. 

Answering Service