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How It Works

1. Choose Your Plan:
Choose the minute plan that will work best for your business. You pay one prices and can use your minutes on services such as live answering, web chat and more!
Charges are based on time (minutes) spent working with customers. We help you estimate how many minutes you will need based on the average number of calls your receive and the average time that is spent on a call. We bill in 6 second increments unlike other service providers who round up to the nearest minute which costs your much more!

2. Set-Up Your Account Instructions:
Information pages and scripts are the instruction set we use to answer your incoming calls. We want to ensure that we are handling your calls in the most professional, courteous and helpful manner possible.
An answer phrase to be used in your company's name. Information on how to take messages, dispatch calls, transfer calls, and/or re-route special callsMessages are delivered to your either by phone, fax email or online though your account access

3. Begin Taking Your Calls:
Your company's calls are forwarded to your own private phone number and we begin taking your calls!
We assign your account a private phone number. Our software recognizes it as your company every time a call comes in and it brings up your specific account instructions and information. Forward your phone number to us anytime 24/7, during specific times of the day or days of week, when other lines are busy or we can answer all the time!
Call Center
Here at Accu-Call we firmly understand the needs of those who work from their home offices, as well as have a business with one or more locations. Cutting costs and trying to present a more impressive corporate image is easy when you choose an answering service such as Accu-Call. Read below and start to see the opportunities and possibilities that we at Accu-Call can open up for your business:
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