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Answering Service

Making the right choice is important when choosing the right answering service. Don't miss out on the best call center in America!! Call us today!


With over 24 years of experience in the answering service industry makes us a top choice for businesses looking to add solutions to the ringing phone issues boosting their customer satisfaction levels. 

Call Centers

Accu-Call's call center can help your company with customer care. Our live operators are friendly, effective and will provide the care your callers deserve. CallNET can provide level one tech support, help desk, surveys, web form fill, as well as all other e-commerce transactions. By outsourcing your calls to our US based call center you will not experience any language or accent barriers that over seas call centers experience. 
Call us today at 1-800-819-7558 so we can customize a program for your company and save you time and money! Along with our call center service we provide telephone answering services as well. Accu-Call's main headquarters in located in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Never miss another order with our 24 hour live operators available to take orders for your 24 hours a day. Our operators can process simple orders through your secure online shopping cart. We leave the selling and customer service up to you, while we make sure orders are taken 24 hours a day.
No matter what time of day, when your customers need help, your phones MUST be answered. Live operators will be available 24/7 to dispatch calls to your after-hours technicians and on-call personnel to ensure your customer will be satisfied. You will get a record of every call our call center receives so you know every situation was handled properly.

Maximize your inbound calls generated from your marketing campaigns by letting Accu-Call capture every lead. Marketing ins't cheap and takes a lot of time to develop a quality campaign. Once you are ready, our call center will help you maximize your roi to ensure each and every lead you generate is captured 24 hours a day.

Our live operators will take messages from your callers, then dial out to you or your team members to deliver the message in person over the phone. If you are not available you can request a custom escalation list for us to dial out to until your call center has successfully delivered your messages. 

Your customers rely on you and you can always rely on Accu-Call's Call Center. We are open around-the-clock and even on holidays! Our live operators will dispatch calls to your technicians or disaster recovery personnel no matter what time of day. 

Event planners and coordinators can now outsource their RSVP tasks by placing their Accu-Call Toll Free number on their invitations and registration forms. Our call center is over-staffed with highly trained agents who will deliver calls directly to you. RSZP services save you time and ensure every call is captured accurately and professionally. 

Outsource your customer service and technical support needs to our call center. Accu-Call's live operators will handle your inbound support calls and place trouble tickets online, dispatch emergency calls to on call staff, and more.

Have your calls answered in our call center while we locate the requested staff member of your team. you can then choose to accept the call at which point we will transfer them through to you or decline the call and our agent will return to the caller holding and offer totake a message or place them into your free Accu-Call voicemail.

If your telephone lines go out because the off-site telecom switch isn't as well protected as you are, then how are your prospects, never mind your existing customers going to keep in contact with you? You have peace of mind with a call center that keeps employees in contact with managers and customers.  

Answering Service

Popular Features

 - Full web enabled, interactive call center services
 - 800# order taking / web chat / catalog order taking
 - Reservation scheduling / seminar registration / scripted surveys
 - Virtual receptionist service
 - Enhanced voicemail with "live operator option"
 - Professional and courteous customer service representatives
 - Calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance