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Call Center

With the newest advances in technology and industry specific training, your calls will always be answered by the most professional and courteous customer service representatives (CSRs) available. We understand that outsourcing customer service can be the key to your businesses success so we pride ourselves in operating as an extension of your business while providing your customers with excellent customer support.

Service Businesses
All of our customer service reps are trained with the most up to date software available. Whether you are in HVAC company, a plumbing company, towing company, landscaping company or anywhere in between, Accu-Call guarantees the best possible experience for you and your customers alike. So, don't worry about losing jobs because you couldn't get to the phone or you relied on voicemail and get hang ups for those callers who want to speak with a live person and let Accu-Call capture those sales and service calls and dispatch messages that need immediate attention and keep your customers coming back for years to come.

Medical - Physicians & Healthcare Providers
All operators at CallNET undergo a specified training program for the medical field as well as being certified HIPPA compliant. We guarantee that each call will be answered and properly dispatched to ensure each patient receives the care that they need.

Attorney / Legal
Whether you need a virtual receptionist, someone to screen calls, set appointments, capture leads or dispatch urgent calls... CallNET is standing by!!

Real Estate
Never miss another sales call that hangs up and calls a competitor that has a live person to help them right away! let CallNET capture leads and dispatch them ASAP!

Property Management
It is never a good time for lockouts, the hot water heater burst, to have the AC go out or for plumbing to get stopped up. Especially, when they are in properties that you manage! Accu-Call is on-call for you 24/7 to handle and dispatch these types of service emergencies but most importantly to prevent you from having to deal with these types of after-hour and weekend headaches!

With leading edge technology, Accu-Call can be the continuity your agency is looking for to make sure that you stay in contact with your callers and employees during disaster recovery. As well, agencies partner with Accu-Call to provide many outsourced solutions from routing calls to emergency dispatch.

From large universities to public and private schools, Accu-Call can act as an extension of your business by handling over flow calls, registration and admission services or routing calls. We can provide affordable solutions with the professionalism your callers expect.

Small Business
We know your time is valuable, and so is your customer's time. Our professional and courteous customer service representatives (CSRs) can act as an extension of your business by screening and routing calls, taking messages and appointments, capturing and dispatching leads, processing orders and more! All at a fraction of the cost of an employee!

Receptionist Service
We can provide hat virtual office that you need, and your customers will never know the difference! Our professional CSRs can be an extension of your business by taking messages, setting appointment, routing calls, dispatching emergencies, taking orders and more... and incredibly, at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee!

You wouldn't open a brick and mortar business without an employee there to help customers would you? Let Accu-Call be there for your online customers! We can provide the ultimate in customer service by providing web chat service, helping place and process orders and more!

Accu-Call is able to offer the perfect answering service for the construction industry. From contractor to architects Accu-Call is able to provide a live, offsite receptionist who knows your industry and can be trusted to handle your incoming calls when you are busy. 

It is vital that your clients trust the insurance agency they choose. Ensuring that a warm welcoming voice answers their phone call every time they call is a great way to jump ahead of your competition and offer an element that most other insurance agencies lack to provide.

Customized Services
We can customize your account to your specifications while providing the most professional, reliable and courteous customer service available.